• Fast & easy
  • Great for kids
  • Fun artwork


  • Too simple
  • Too much like War..tends to drag on
Fun Factor

Snowball Fight is a simple game by Toresh Games we played at SaltCon 2018. The premise is simple, you’re penguins in a no-holds barred snowball fight. The last person left standing is the winner. This game plays a lot like the old standard war. Essentially, you draw a card from the top of the deck and either play it or discard it.

Once a player has been hit by 10 snowballs they are out. That number is, of course, adjustable so that a game can be longer or shorter. In addition to simple snowball cards in the deck, there are also Forts, Snow Piles, Rapid Fire Snowballs, and and more. It makes the game more interesting than a simple game of war.

When we learned to play we sat down with a couple of people in the Torresh Games booth and played through a game where you only had to acquire 5 snowballs to be eliminated. It was a quick, easy game. One of the people we played with had some kind of handicap, and he didn’t struggle to learn or play this game.

Snowball Fight Snowball CardSnowball Fight’s Best Points

Snowball Fight is simple. It is simple enough that my 5 year old son, Monkey, would have been able to pick it up and play with only the simplest explanations. Having games that are fun for little kids becomes especially important when you’re a parent like me. I love seeing how much fun Monkey has when he plays games. It also has the added benefit of raising a gamer.

A second point in favor of Snowball Fight is that the artwork is fun, crisp, and really pretty. Cartoony art styles don’t often win me over, but in this case the art is perfect for the game. It captures the light-hearted whimsy that I’d hope to see in a game like this. In addition, it is clear, without any text on the cards, what each card is for. That clarity makes a simple game like this even better.

Snowball Fight Fort CardSnowball Fight’s Worst Points

Now, Snowball Fight, being a significantly improved version of War, suffers from some of the same issues War does. The game can drag on. Especially when you draw cards that don’t help you. Personally, I think that the “5 Hit Rule” is better than the basic rules. It makes the game shorter, but you still get to enjoy all of the snowball-chucking goodness.

The final issue that I can really call out is that this game is a bit too simple to keep most adults interested. It makes a good filler game. It’s a great game for kids. That isn’t really a negative, it just makes it less appealing for me to play. Unless I’m playing with Monkey, that is.

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