This year at SaltCon, I’m running a single session of Sigmata, by Chad Walker. I’ll be running this game on Saturday, March 2, 2018 at 1:30 PM. You’re welcome to join, but the game is capped at 8 players, so don’t forget to get a ticket in advance via SaltCon’s TableTop.Events site!

Sigmata is a game that can be difficult for some people. After all, it does take place in a dystopian alternate history where the United States is run by a fascist regime. The players are radio-powered cyborgs intent on destroying the Regime. It’s a powerfully political setting, and challenges the way everyone thinks about the current state of the world. Even so, it’s a game, and challenging our perceptions of the world is a good thing, especially if we can do it in a safe gaming space.

The Story

It’s 1986, and the tyrannical Regime has tightened its grip on an already suppressed populace. Although the Resistance has managed to win some significant victories over the last several months, we need more. When Resistance leaders hear rumors that a prominent face of the Regime might want to defect, We know our lucky break has come. We have to extract Lucy Farnes and, whether she really wants to defect or not.

Lucy Farnes is an actress, model, and household name across America. She’s also been one of the Regime’s most loyal celebrity supporters. Until recently. Since our operation in the capitol she’s been less outspoken, and rumors say that she’s considering defecting. Of course, those are just rumors. Ms. Farnes is visiting Kansas City this week. She has events scheduled across the city, where she will be watched by hundreds, and a couple of her appearances will be televised live across the nation. This is an opportunity too good to pass up.

We’ve gotten a basic outline of Lucy Farnes’ schedule while she’s in Kansas City, but there are huge gaps in the timeline. Hopefully, we can get some of them filled in.

What I’m Providing

Earlier this week I posted about the Dragon Age adventure I’m going to be running at SaltCon. I talked about how I tend to go overboard. This isn’t going to diverge from that pattern. I’m providing things like:

  • A difficult mission where you choose the tactics you use and where the objective isn’t always as simple as it seems.
  • Custom-Designed Character Folio for one of 8 Different Pre-made characters. Each one folds out to give you detailed information on your character’s background, history, and attitude!
  • Reference sheets for how to roll an Op, how Scenes work, and with information about the world.
  • Character, NPC, and Enemy Portraits I created from stock photos from Pixabay, from image captures from the Sigmata book, and from the Welcome to Redview expansion for Chronicles of Crime
  • Dice for you to use at the table, both d6s and d10s
  • Notepads and Pens on which you can write all of the things you learn throughout the adventure.

You’ll be free to keep the Character Folio and reference sheets, though I’ll need all of the other materials back, sorry.

The Recievers

Receivers are the main characters of any Sigmata story. They are super-powered cyborgs intent on destroying the Regime.

You were alone in a prison bunk in a maximum security prison. In a makeshift tent warmed by a tire fire. On a lab table in a government research facility. In a basement surrounded by stacks of floppies and BBS magazines. In a padded cell inside of a psychiatric ward. In a rusted railcar on an abandoned track. On the balcony of a luxury apartment in a downtown skyscraper. In a dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant.

The sound …. was seizure, rapture, violence, and ecstasy. Your wild thrashing [left only] ruins after your body rode current over copper like a light speed roller coaster….Your body had evolved; synthetic but still breathing, metallic but bleeding, brimming with power but stricken by pain.

It is called the SIGMATA, a Signal-induced stigmata, because it is a both a blessing and a curse. At least when you are marked by the state, you can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.
–Sigmata: This Signal Kills Fascists

You became what is called a Receiver. Your body is tuned to receive the Signal. Your “skin hardens and takes on the sheen of flesh-colored porcelain, flawless save for clusters of small octagonal depressions and fractal spirals replacing moles, birthmarks, and other natural irregularities of [your]skin. Prominent veins reroute to appear like the conductive tracks of a circuit board, and seams form that segment limbs, digits, and major muscle groups, as if [your] skin is merely coating the exoskeleton of an expertly crafted machine.”

Cynthia Clark

Cynthia never liked the Regime, and didn’t trust it. She left home and moved to New York City. She started a pirate BBS and became a key member of the Resistance’s efforts in the Big Apple.

When the Sigmata took her, she no longer operated on such a small scale. Now she can fight the Regime across the nation.

Jasmine Ebhardt

Jasmine and her mother moved to California after her father was imprisoned by the Freedom Fist in Mississippi. Only months later, her mother was also arrested.

She got by as well as she could, and better than most in her situation. Her Sigmata changed everything. Jasmine vowed she’d never eat out of a garbage can again.

Wang Li

Li was smuggled into the United States as a child prostitute. She was imprisoned in a Los Angeles warehouse whenever she wasn’t with a john. Until her Sigmata, that was.

For a little while she was an avenging vigilante, serving justice in Los Angeles. Then she found the Resistance, and a much bigger fight.

Maria Flores

Maria is a 4th generation American. She doesn’t even speak Spanish. That didn’t stop people from treating her like a second class citizen.

When her parents were suddenly deported, she was left homeless and without resources. The Resistance provided her with a new home.

Rodrigo Martinez

Rodrigo Martinez is an emigrant from Honduras. He moved to the United States with his parents and lived in a small Honduran community until he was a teenager.

In a Freedom Fist raid, Rodrigo lost his family and an arm. The Resistance helped him pick up the pieces. He became a skilled hacker, but since his Sigmata, he’s much more than that.

Gordon Hales

Gordon’s path to the Resistance started in the ’60s when he followed Martin Luther King Jr across the nation to demonstrate for equal rights.

Now, nearly twenty years later, Gordon and his wife work for the same cause. This time, however, peaceful protest alone doesn’t have a chance of making a difference.

Jim Predojevic

Jim’s the child of emigrants, but he was raised to hide that fact. He even joined the Freedom Fist to try to blend in. Then, when he realized he couldn’t be what the Fist was making him, he deserted.

Since then he’s worked with the Resistance to try to repair the damage he, and people like him, had done.

Lisa Boll

Lisa grew up in Nebraska. She married a Freedom Fist soldier. She had a good life. Even so, she knew something was wrong about how the Regime operated.

It wasn’t until after her Sigmata that she actually saw the full depth of the Regime’s depravity. She immediately faked her death and joined the Resistance. Now she’s a powerful voice for justice.

Omar Abdi

Omar grew up in Syria, hating the Israelis and the western powers that supported them. When the Soviet Union came knocking, Omar answered the call. What better ally could he have in his fight?

When he was assigned to come to the United States and help the Resistance, he was only too happy to help disrupt the Regime.

So What Do I Need to Do?

You don’t have to do much at all. I’ll guide you through some of how the world of Sigmata works and how to play through a session when we sit down together at SaltCon! All I recommend you do right now is:

  • Get a ticket for the event on the SaltCon TableTop.Events site!
  • Use the Contact Us page to let me know if you simply MUST HAVE a specific character.
  • Download and read the Setting Guide PDF below, which includes everything you will need to know about the system, setting, and your Receivers.
  • Show up and enjoy the game!