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Overworld Games has just recently re-launched their Kickstarter campaign for New Salem 2nd Edition. This game has beautiful art, fantastic mechanics, and they’ve got a killer Kickstarter campaign page. You should really check it out and consider backing it, if at all possible!

From time to time, I’ll discuss Kickstarter projects and trends. They’re a great way to support game designers and companies that would normally struggle to produce awesome nerdy products. Even if you’re not backing out of altruism, it’s a great way to get your hands on new nerdy stuff.

New Salem 2nd Edition: The Campaign

Overworld Games has really outdone itself with its campaign for New Salem 2nd Edition. While I don’t normally watch Kickstarter videos, this project’s video is well done, even if the voice-over is sometimes difficult to hear over background sound.

The artwork and illustrations throughout the campaign are professional, and really help show you how different this game is from others on the market. I really enjoy seeing how the building cards can form a set that complete a scene.

Although it might not matter to everyone, I have been really pleased not to find any typos or other grammatical issues in the campaign page. I could be missing some, I suppose, but I haven’t seen any. The text is brief, descriptive, and to the point. In the best possible ways, it’s provided potential backers with enough information to supplement the gorgeous artwork and design.

New Salem 2nd Edition: The Game

I’ll be honest. I haven’t played New Salem. I haven’t played New Salem 2nd Edition. But I believe that I can say with some confidence that, based on the rules, gameplay videos, and what I’ve experienced with board games, this is going to be a pretty good game.

One of the most compelling aspects for me is the combination of mechanisms that the campaign highlights. Combining some small amount of resource management with simultaneous card drafting, set collection, and a hefty dose of social deduction is a recipe for an enjoyable game. After all, it seems to take the best parts of social deduction and combine them with other mechanisms I enjoy.

New Salem 2nd Edition: The Designers

This is a rebooted campaign that failed to meet its funding goals a few months ago. When that happened, Brian Henk, one of the designers came to a group of people to ask for feedback on what might have gone wrong. Not only was I able to respond, Brian listened. He responded and thanked me for my feedback.

Then, when I offered to review his campaign when it rebooted, he thanked me and provided me with all of the excellent images I’ve used in this review. I believe most game designers are nice, decent people, but Brian has already shown that there’s a great level of humility and professionalism behind the scenes at Overworld Games, and that’s encouraging.

Seriously, back this game.

I’m not getting anything out of this except for the opportunity to support a truly awesome game and some really nice people. The campaign is amazing, and they’ve put a lot of work into making this the best possible game. If you haven’t yet, get on Kickstarter and back New Salem 2nd Edition by Overlord Games.