Well, it’s been a year since I really started Fifth Level Nerd. Sure, I thought about it, and planned, and worked on things for a while before I actually sat down and wrote anything. That means that today is the perfect day to look back at what Fifth Level Nerd has done and to look forward to what I plan on sharing with you in the future.

Looking Back: Posts

In the last year I’ve posted many of my own thoughts and opinions. Both on life in general, and as reviews of specific games, movies, books, TV shows, or events. It’s been really great. It’s helped me think a lot more deeply about what I like about my hobbies and interests, and realize some of the reasons for the things I don’t like.

My post on cooperative gaming, helped me to realize that the reason I don’t really like most competitive games is that I don’t like the competitive version of me. I far prefer working as a group toward a goal. That’s true of me with regard to gaming and the rest of life, too.

I also learned that it is difficult to come up with unique, meaningful content each week. Sometimes I failed that test. After all I have only 38 posts I’ve published over the last year, and 19 drafts for incomplete reviews, articles, and more. Even when I’ve struggled to find ideas, and write about them coherently, I’ve found that I really like writing for Fifth Level Nerd.

Looking Back: Audience

It’s been a year, and like most blogs it’s been a slow start. Sometimes that’s been discouraging. Even so, when I look at the number of people who visit this site, and who read and comment on my posts, I feel great. It’s not an enormous number of people, but they’re good people. You are good people. 

Thank you for helping me see a reason to keep on going. If absolutely nobody ready Fifth Level Nerd, it would still be worth doing, but it’d certainly feel less rewarding. I am grateful for the awesome people who share their thoughts with me and with everyone else who visits Fifth Level Nerd.

Looking Forward: Topics

As I’ve worked on Fifth Level Nerd and the other widely varied aspects of my nerdy hobbies, I’ve discovered that there are a huge number of things that I am learning to do that I wish I hadn’t had to muddle my way through. As I’ve thought about that, I realized that I can help people who visit my blog with thier own projects. 

So, starting this year, I’m going to be writing instructional guides to Fifth Level Nerd so that you can create some of the awesome stuff I’ve stumbled my way through. This will include things like custom gaming tables, inserts for game boxes, custom game crates, and more. As I become better at doing awesome, nerdy stuff I’ll gladly share that information and my experience with you.

I’m also planning to feature awesome nerds who like to share their talents with others. For instance, I’ve already got a novice armorer who has created amazing suits of armor for LARPing and other events. I’m in touch with someone who has an exceptional level of detail when painting miniatures, and there are many more. 

If you’d like to be featured on Fifth Level Nerd, I’d love to share your talents with all of my other readers. After all, who doesn’t love seeing the amazing things fellow nerds can do?

Looking Forward: Community Engagement

It’s hard to get people energized on a blog if you’re not writing something controversial. I don’t want to get into controversy, religion, or politics. Sure, I have my opinions, but they’re not important to being a nerd. What is important to nerds is fueling the hobby!

That’s why, after some thought, I’ve decided that instead of receiving gifts for Fifth Level Nerd’s birthday, I’ll be giving them away. Next week I’ll be posting the details for a drawing sponsored by Fifth Level Nerd, in which you’ll be entered to win a copy of Zombicide: Black Plague and Wulfsburg. All you’ll have to do is “Like” the Fifth Level Nerd Facebook page, Subscribe to our newsletter, or Follow us on Twitter

I want to hear from you, I want to see what it is you like about other sites and media. Do you want me to consider adding videos? How about live-streaming game sessions? What would you most like to see? While I can’t get to everything, if there’s an overwhelming request for something I’ll probably try to make that happen.

Happy 1st Birthday to Fifth Level Nerd

The first year is often one of the most difficult for any blog, but it’s also been really rewarding. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts even half as much as I enjoy writing them.

Onward to another year!