So a while back, my cousin Sam shared a couple of ideas he’d had about an RPG focusing on a group of people who had mass amnesia. It’s a cool idea. So we have been working, off and on, on working up an awesome setting and some mechanisms to go along with it. We’re calling it Erased. Feel free to download and review the Erased Mechanisms Alpha.

How Erased Happened

Erased began as Sam’s idea. During a family picnic Sam and I were talking about our nerdy hobbies and interests and lamenting the fact that we haven’t had the chance to spend as much time hanging out as we used to. We could spend (and have spent) hours and hours just discussing the merits of a single mechanism in an RPG. So we decided that since time and distance aren’t our friends right now, we’d make use of Google Drive’s lovely collaborative features and share ideas we had for games.

So over the next week Sam sent me a document outlining his initial thoughts on an RPG all about amnesia. It was a bare-bones document, covering some basic information on the game’s settings, mechanisms, and other random thoughts. I read it, and offered suggestions. It was super fun.

Over about a week that bare-bones draft had turned into something we felt had real potential, so we decided to continue working on it. During the next couple of months we built a set of mechanisms that I haven’t really encountered before. We scrapped (mostly) the initial setting idea he had and are working on a new one.

An excerpt of our Erased Alpha discussion in Google Docs
We had many discussions in Google Docs

Oh, we also decided that we’d like to get community feedback on this fledgling RPG. I separated out the mechanisms section of the document, had my wife, Tara, do some editing, and I’m sharing it with all of you now!

The Erased Alpha

We’re releasing an alpha version of the mechanisms for Erased. Both Sam and I have run computer simulations, rolled actual dice, and made several attempts to break this system. We know it’s not perfect, but that’s part of why we want your feedback!

We’ve tried to make the mechanisms for Erased be simple, but pack enough crunch to keep you interested. It’s not an easy line to walk, and we have likely strayed too far in one or the other directions throughout.

As an alpha version, this isn’t going to be the most polished or pretty thing you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t have a lot of information about the game setting, and it sure doesn’t have any artwork. Artwork is expensive, and we want to get a handle on almost everything else before we dive down that rabbit hole.

How to Give Feedback

The biggest reason to release an alpha version like this is to get feedback from people who like RPGs. What about Erased’s mechanisms do you like? What do you think is broken? Is something confusing? Did we accidentally do something elegant or awesome?

If so, comment below, or comment on our Facebook or Twitter posts. Send us an email at, or contact us via the Contact Us page! We want to hear all of your feedback, positive, negative and anywhere in between.

If you contribute your thoughts we’ll make sure to list you in the final credits for Erased. After all, you’re doing something really, really helpful for us. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy Erased!