This year at SaltCon, I will be running a single session of the Dragon Age RPG. I’ll be running this game on Friday, March 1, 2018 at 1:30 PM. You’re welcome to join, but the game is capped at 8 players, so don’t forget to get a ticket in advance via SaltCon’s TableTop.Events site!

Even if you’ve never played any of the Dragon Age video games, read any Dragon Age novels, comics, or watched Dragon Age fan films or the like, you can feel comfortable joining in. To be honest, I haven’t read any novels, comics, or watched any fan films.

The Story

You visited Nevarra City months ago, and killed a blood mage here. In the time since the rumors you’ve heard have only become more disturbing. The few remaining templars in the city have contacted you, asking for your assistance in resolving the issue you discovered so many months ago.

It seems that King Markus’ health has continued to decline, and with it, his sanity. His Mortalitasi advisors have used their vaunted station to sweep rumors of atrocities away from public view. 

If is up to you, former agents of the Inquisition, still loyal to the mission of the defunct organization, to attempt to save Nevarra from the madness of its king and his advisors.

What I’m Providing

If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that I tend to go overboard on things. They’re right. And this is no different. Rather than just throw together an adventure, I’ve pulled in pieces and parts from many different areas, and I’ve combined them to create a more immersive and exciting game for you to enjoy! I’m including things like:

  • An adventure with intrigue, battle, and lots of fun.
  • Custom-Designed Character Folio for one of 8 Different Pre-made characters, all at 5th Level *wink*
    • These aren’t yet finished due to the cold weather! They’ll look much cooler at the convention, I promise!
  • Character, NPC, and Enemy Portraits from the NPC for Hire decks
  • Dice for you to use at the table
  • Battle-maps made using Fantasy World Creator
  • Miniatures for most enemies and allies repurposed from Zombicide: Black Plague

While most of these exciting resources aren’t yours to keep, you will have the chance to take home the Character Folio you choose. Speaking of which, it’s time for you to meet the party!

The Party

There are 8 distinct pre-generated characters you can choose from for your adventure in Thedas. I’ll give you a brief background on all of them, and you can come prepared to play whichever you want.

All of these characters joined the Inquisition before it was disbanded. Each had their own reason for doing so, but the thing they all share is that they have decided to stick together for the time being.

Aline Bonheur: The Aggressor

Aline grew up as part of a notoriously wealthy and unpopular family in Orlais. While the nobility couldn’t reasonably keep her family from attending court, her foreign origins were a wellspring of mockery. She joined the Inquisition to further her battle prowess and just hasn’t had the willpower to return to Orlais yet.

Aline wants to kill monsters, darkspawn, blood mages, and other evil things. She doesn’t particularly care who she’s killing for, but she really likes killing enemies that aren’t particularly worthy of empathy.

Ashaad: The Blade

Ashaad came to southern Thedas for the sole purpose of joining the Inquisition. He wasn’t assigned the task, and many other Qunari would probably consider him Tal-Vashoth, but he is loyal to the Qun. Ashaad believes that the Qun is the best way for everyone to live, and won’t hear a word against it. He makes a very good case for the cause by being very different from the harsh overbearing image most Qunari show.

Ashaad hasn’t returned home because he still believes he has work to do in Thedas. After all, if he can make people more friendly to the Qun, when the rest of the Qunari descend on Thedas they’ll have a much easier time of it.

Oerick: The Balanced Warrior

Oerik only left Orzammar because the Dwarven kingdoms needed to send a token sacrifice to the surface to join the Inquisition and honor the Grey Warden’s treaty. Although Oerik didn’t want to go, he’s found that he enjoys life on the surface and plans to stick around a little longer, just to see how things go.

Oerik would like to bring a treaty with a powerful surface nation back to Orzammar. At least then his family wouldn’t consider his trip to the surface wasted.

Sataa: The Tank

Sataa was raised in southern Thedas away from the Qun. She’s always been bigger than everyone else around her, and she’s used that to her advantage. Instead of being a bruiser, or inflicting damage, Sataa prefers to stand at the front lines and intimidate her opponents. After all, who wants to go up against an 8 foot giant with red showing through her face-plate?

Sataa’s primary goal is to protect her team. She’s grown close to her friends and comrades, and would hate to see them die.

Elora: The Pathfinder

Ever since she ran away as a teenager, Elora has believed that the Dalish were too passive. If they wanted their due, and their freedom, they’d have to grab it. By joining the Inquisition she hoped to accrue enough power to force the human-dominated kingdoms to accept Elves as equals. Of course, that didn’t work the way she’d hoped.

Elora doesn’t trust authority figures. Even Elven ones. She wants to force people to acknowledge her skill and merit.

Harel: Battle Mage

Harel is a city elf who has never found acceptance among his own people. Even after the Circles were abolished and he was free to return to his own people, they mistrusted him, and the Dalish scorned his origins as a City Elf. Since then, Harel has formed friendships with his fellow recruits and is devoted to sticking with them. After all, they’ve always been kind to him.

Harel’s greatest goal is to make Elves into figures respected by the rest of Thedas’ people. He doesn’t care for Elven superiority. He has no interest in returning the oppression his people have suffered under, only making sure they don’t suffer it any longer.

Jarvia: The Talker

Jarvia grew up as a duster in Orzammar, but decided to leave to join the Inquisition. She learned very quickly that she’s got a knack for convincing people to do what she wants. She hasn’t actually fought like she planned to do, but she was one of the Inquisitions best recruiters before it was disbanded.

Now she’s trying to create her own mercenary band that can fill some of the power vacuum that the Inquisition left behind.

Marden: The Healer

Marden grew up on the outskirts of civilization, near the Korkari Wilds. His family were all apostates who were driven from their home by the Fifth Blight. In the time since, he’s wandered Thedas until he ended up with the Inquisition. He is a devoted friend and healer. He especially loves animals. He’ll often spend just as much time caring for stray or injured pets as humans.

Marden hates to see people or animals in pain. Sometimes, he knows, there are bad guys that need killing, but he avoids actually dealing the killing blow whenever possible.

So What Do I Need to Do?

Really, not a whole lot. Anything you need to know about the world of Thedas, the mechanisms that drive the Dragon Age RPG, and how this adventure will work I’ll guide you through when we sit down together at SaltCon! All you really have to do right now is:

  • Get a ticket for the event on the SaltCon TableTop.Events site!
  • Use the Contact Us page to let me know if you simply MUST HAVE a specific character.
  • Show up and enjoy the game!
  • Oh, and if you have skeleton warrior miniatures, let me know, I don’t have any.