Rocket enjoying some musicA couple of weeks ago a new nerd come into the world. We’re code-naming her Rocket. So far she loves to sleep and eat. Those are both things that nerds and babies usually love. In the Venn Diagram of her life, she occupies both those rings. She’s an adorable little bundle of poop, burping, and flailing limbs. I love my little girl, and although she’s only been home for a couple of weeks, I can’t imagine my life without her.

She’s my second child, and as I mentioned before, we’ve code-named her Rocket. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool nickname. My son has the code-name Monkey. After all, what animals in the animal kingdom are cooler than monkeys? I would argue that there aren’t any. So why did we give this newest nerd the code-name Rocket? Well, let me tell you a story.

Rocket: Origins

As my wife and I considered what to name the baby slowly growing inside Tara, we went through hundreds of names compiled from various lists across the internet. We saw, and laughed at, a variety of names. I don’t want to offend anyone, but there are some really strange names out there, and we laughed at them. Then, we thought, “Hey, Monkey might have a suggestion.” So we asked. Boy did we get an answer.Rocket and Monkey

“I think we should name her Rockets,” he said. No, not Rocket, Rockets. I thought she was a little too young to be plural. (Read Deceiver by CJ Cherryh, it’s great.) Anyway, we tried to suggest other names. “We can use Rockets as her nickname. How about we have her first name Charlotte? Or Hannah? Or Samantha?” Of course, what did Monkey say? “No, I think her name should be Rockets.”

It wasn’t just once though. We still struggled to decide on a name. The next week we tried again. “My baby’s name is Rockets,” he said again. For months he stuck to his guns. Anytime we talked about names, Monkey would chime in with: “No, her name is Rockets.” So we let it stick…sort of. Monkey is nothing if not persistent. It’s one of his best qualities. Also one of the most obnoxious ones.

Rocket: The Nerdy Baby

Rocket in a pretty yellow dressYou might ask, “How can a baby really be nerdy?” The answer is, of course, because her parents are nerdy! There are entire lines of nerdy onesies. Yes, they are awesome. I think some of my favorites involve code and gaming. Especially this one. Of course, that’s just following the mainstream nerd style-guide. Really, when you want to guarantee that your offspring will be nerdy, you’ve got to walk the walk. Rocket isn’t going to stop us from playing board games, video games, watching our favorite shows, or going to the events we enjoy. Nope, we’ll just take her with us!

True, she’s doesn’t have the coordination to roll dice (and they’re a choking hazard anyway). Yes, she can’t even see the board. Even so, if our experiences with Ben have taught us anything, it’s that kids pick up their parent’s hobbies. So give if a couple of years and her little fingers will be rolling massive foam dice, and she’ll become obsessed with Out Foxed and wanting to play the games that the adults are playing.

Life Lesson Learned:

It’s great being a nerd, especially when you can pass it along to your kids.